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Set it & forget it

Use Photo, Video, Text, or Audio to get friends' or general public's opinions. Get their perspective on everyday questions about your favorite song, dress, or food. Simply post a question and then just sit back, relax, and let the results of the poll roll in within minutes.

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Custom demographic

You can customize the demographic of every poll participants to have a specific gender, place, occupation, and age range. For example, you want to know the top destinations to visit in the Caribbean, just ask people from the Caribbean to rank their top 4 favorite destinations, collect your answers, hope on a plane or a ship and go!

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Everyone is important

A poll isn't valuable if there's only a few people participating in it. Therefore, there will be a simple rule to follow here, that is, if you vote on another person's poll, you can post a poll question of your own to others. That's sounds fair right?

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Set time limits

Set time limits on your polls, or just keep them open forever. Export your collected results in multiple formats in the form of tables, graphs, charts etc. Use this to conduct valuable research, survey, validate your ideas, or whatever you desire.

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